Nothing makes me Happy

Yet I still try...

11 December
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I am a 27-year old mother in the United States Navy. I'm not all that interesting I guess. I'm a very easy going person most of the time. I can be emotional, but never in the presence of other human life. I love to get out and have some beer and a good time. I am not easily inspired but some things can't be helped. Certain people with a specific persona have influenced me. I love music--well, let me say it like this....music keeps my soul alive--so anyone that has that passion for music tend to inspire me. Art also inspires me and sometimes that odd combination of the two. Sometimes I can be a complex person and sometimes I just want to be simple. You can never tell with me. Oh, I'm really from Kentucky, I just put my current place on the location part. It's just that I'm in the Navy, so I just go where they tell me to.... Let me clarify something. I am in the Navy. I am very proud of what I do..or the ideal of what I do anyways. I get dishearted from time to time at the inefficiency of my job, but nonetheless, I am proud to be serving my country and all my fellow commrads. We sacrifice so much just so that everyone can enjoy the day to day things they do. Don't ever forget what we do and what we give. On a lighter note...I love to shop. I love clothes and all that girl stuff.

No matter how bitter I seem on the outside about romance and love and all that...there couldn't be a more romantic person. I don't look for a guy with all the money or frills or whatever. I'm pretty simple and low maintenance. I look for sincerity. The guy that I want will be hopelessly crazy about me. Simply, I dream of having my breath taken away...

I am currently stationed on the USS Mustin homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. Other than that, yeah, I'm not very interesting. I love music and art and want to travel.

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